About MsMarsha

I am the sensual Goddess you’ve been looking for to guide you. Under my control, you will journey with me into the heart of sensual BDSM. I will set your senses ablaze with scorching sexual heat.

As my submissive, you will submit to a naturally dominant, authentic mistress. You will be treated with respect in negotiating scenes beforehand. Your limits will be respected–or gently pushed if you desire.

I am seeking subs, submissives, and slaves of all genders to be humbled before me.

What I Offer to You – online, chat, text, cam, dungeon and elsewhere

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Some of my naughty fantasies

  • You’re a sexy older man and notice I have a crush on you.
  • I notice you get hard when you see me wearing my stiletto heels. I corner you and force you to admit you want to worship me.
  • You’re my boorish supervisor who forces me to stay late one night, but I turn the “tables” on you and force you to be my furniture!
  • You catch me playing with my toys and vibrators.
  • You answer my ad to be my boyfriend and discover I expect you to pay for the privilege of fucking me by letting me peg you as much as I want–and you love it.

Let’s Get Kinky Talking About…


Watching two men or two women having sex while I silently watch makes me uncontrollably horny. The sexual pressure builds and builds until I just have to touch myself.


I long to get fisted by a petite woman. No need for forced penetration, just sweet sensation making me wetter and wetter.


Submit to me. I will take you with my hard cock that never stops and never gets soft. You can look forward to full penetration as I fill you up while you tell me how much you love it.

Authority Figures

Handsome, devil-may-care, and the confidence to do whatever they want is a sexy mix–especially if there is a mutual attraction.

Double Penetration

Double the cock is double the fun. If orgasms were money, I’d be fucking rich. Add a vibrator or dildo up my ass and a Hitachi wand to my clit and I’ll squirt every time.


So many guys waiting for their turn. All of their attention is on me as I watch their cocks get so fucking hard. They talk about who gets to penetrate me next and where. They plan to force me to cum over and over again.


Assisted is fun. Forced is better. Time to make sure your legs, arms, armpits, and pubes are shaved smooth and bare before doing your makeup and dressing you in a slutty outfit for a real man’s pleasure.

Public Sex in Tucked Away Places

Public orgasms are so intense. The thrill of being watched…or caught is tantalizing. Where will you catch me fucking–in a dressing room, elevator, parking garage, or isolated spot on a train?

Skype Sessions Affordably Tiered (this site only)

Skype Session 1*

15 mins – $60/ CODE S1_15

30 mins – $150 / CODE S1_30

45 mins – $270 /CODE S1_45

60 mins – $420 / CODE S1_60


Skype Session 2*:

15 Mins- $50 /CODE S2_15
45 Mins – $75 / CODE S2_45

60 Mins- $150 /CODE S2_60

*Purchase and use an entire block of time the day of session, no carryovers. All sales final, Skype name given when appointment is scheduled.

In Person @ Den of Indomitus AZ , Phoenix AZ  – Contact me ahead for availability

Role Play Specialties


Your pain is my pleasure. Tied up, strung up, shackled and splayed on the floor breathing dust. Experience the thrill and sweet sting of my crop and flogger. Scenes created with your decadent imagination in mind as you are corrected, molded, scolded, and made whole again.


I’ll tell you my stories if you tell me yours. Hear about who I fucked who ate the cream pies. Once I’m done, you’ll do anything to make me happy and satisfied, feeding my voracious appetite for new sexual exploits.

Naughty Spouse

Late again? And you forgot my birthday and the mortgage payment! What about stopping by the grocery store on the way home? Bastard! Who have you been fucking? Is that pussy or cum on your breath? There’s gonna be hell to pay this time, mister!


You come home after a day out to find I have a new alpha and you are receiving a new type of dressing down!

Strap on

Bend over, my lover, and take my raging, ever-hard shecock. Your ass is at my beck and call, prepared and open for me at any time, day or night!

Clothed Female, Naked Male

I am your dominant authoritarian. You grovel at my feet, begging to do my bidding, wearing nothing but a smile.


Let’s role play with your favorite sex toys. You get to slide it in. I get to control the switch!

Small Penis Humiliation

You swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth describing in detail the size, length, and circumference of your cock. You will provide details of every imperfection. I will judge it honestly.

In Person Anywhere Else at my discretion – add $25 trip charge to pricing below

30 Minutes – $100 Code DHC30

60 Minutes – $225 Code DHC60

120 Minutes – $325 Code DHC120

12 hours – $2240 Code DHC12H