About MsMarsha

About MsMarsha – Who I am and what to expect

If you are not an adult in your country and visiting this site, leave now. If you do not know what an adult is, leave now. I will not be held legally responsible for your ignorance.


Another Sultry ReposeI am releasing the handcuffs of self-delusion and walking into the world of healing and sensual, yet nurturing touch, encouragement for feeling, self-expression and communication;  there is no turning back.

Are you seeking satisfaction through pain, degradation, humiliation, abuse, repression and torture  but got distracted and found my site instead?
Would you rather go the way of pleasure, validation; care, expression, positive joyful feelings  and learning more about yourself living in a human body?  You have come to the right place!

How can you help me?’  You  ask?

The first step is to admit you want explore another level of feeling and articulate it in the clearest way possible so that we can work on finding your wordless words together; this is your journey.

Second, to build rapport, trust on your terms, then I present the ways I can help you help yourself. 

Third, once I have earned your trust, I will then guide you through the process which will ignite your intuition, so that we meet half way towards resolution/ improvement.  

Fourth, you will be on your way with tools to help you for life and anyone else you care about.

How can I help? 

I can attempt to help you express yourself, feel fully and be fully human  which requires spending time and learning how to move these energies from the mind and body in order to bring more of “the real you’ into the present.  This is a process which depends upon how committed you are to  intently allowing the nurturing human senses — when expressed the right way,  to heal your nervous system, mind and body,  become more relaxed, obtain a different perspectives in your various situations in life as well as suggesting improved approaches in what you are already doing that will show up in other areas of your  life.

I elicit interactive, emotional, tactile, visual, taste, auditory, olfactory responses  consisting of:

Coaching – You will be guided into your own knowledge to resolve your concerns in compassionate discussion.

Sensory re-orientation – You will experience many sensations tactile, visual, taste, auditory, olfactory, emotional  and somatic responses as well as subtle energies in your own body.

Healing Techniques – You will a participant in igniting your own feeling processes with various tools not limited to meditation/ visualization and other techniques ranging from the mundane  to the non-conventional.In call cases, the client is required to provide feedback on what works and what needs adjusting during the process.

Sensual – meaning ‘of the senses’

To explore various levels of natural feeling and sensations, cold, warm, firm , soft, lush and other textures in between– with everyday objects, sounds, tastes, visual patterns and aural textures for a pleasant, tactile experience so that you may know what it means to be truly human in body and mind. This requires radical compassionate acknowledgment and acceptance that you are fully human and deserve to feel all ranges of emotion to express them to address and resolve your needs.

I challenge you to go within.