Address me only as MsMarsha verbally and in print, (not Mistress, Ms. Marsha or any combination). Respect all of my boundaries set on this site and verbally at all times.  Warning –blatant inattention to, disregard for, challenges to, invalidating of and pushing my boundaries may result in a block, ban and addition to my blacklist.

Hard Limits 

My hard limits apply to all services.

There will be no such talk, fantasy or pretense about the following subject matter: blood, knives, guns, rape, simulated violence, sexualization of pets, family members, or children;  no bratty, infantile, clingy, needy behavior allowed.   I will not put up with any disrespect or being topped from the bottom. My rules will be followed or you will sternly chastised and disciplined to your detriment.

Client Conduct

  • Has the natural desire to serve from the heart
  • Follows instructions completely
  • Avoids circumventing my screening processes
  • Obedient, Smart, intelligent, Self-aware
  • Clearly communicates what is desired a session
  • Enjoys the sessions I provide
  • Is non-aggressive, non-manipulative, and  non-violent
  • Exemplifies emotionally mature
  • Possesses the means to afford all of my services
  • Respects my boundaries (physical, mental , emotional, financial and spiritual)
  • Is happy to arrange return appointments

In order to have the best experience, you must follow my rules in My House, even when I’m in your house. This part of the site can and will be updated periodically as I see fit , with or without notice. Every part of this page applies to the Client and Provider whether online or in person.

More About Behavior (DISCLAIMER) – I work with only emotionally mature clients. I am not a babysitter, mommy or allow clingy, bratty insolence. If you feel that you will need more than what I provide in any type of session setting, AVOID BOOKING A SESSION HERE and immediately seek out competent, ethical, effective and professional psychiatric assistance.

 I cannot and will not ever assume responsibility if any session you participate in creates strong emotional reactions, triggers, neuroses or psychosis. Be responsible for your own well-being!

How I will treat you – for the time that we have together, you are my only client, you will be treated with respect and dignity in relation to what we agree upon for any session, I expect and demand the same.

Be sure that your Client Survey is complete and honest. Again, I set this up for our safety.   I will not be responsible for triggers you experienced due to not being aware of those issues and blame me for your unnecessary suffering.

This is why I ask for references as I have the right to feel safe at all times as yourself.

I have the right to refuse service to anyone when someone is out of line with me physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially.

When it’s done right you will be glad that you followed the rules.

If there is any disagreement or suggestions of any kind during the session, you are responsible for speaking up at that moment so that we can work on making things right.

Punctuality – Arrive on time, whether in person or online.  If you realize you are going to be behind on time, text me ASAP, though you may not benefit from the remainder of slot you are booked for time-wise. That is not considered a cancellation and the remaining amount is still due at the time of appointment.

PaymentThe piper does not work for free, and neither will I nor you .

Expectations – After confirming the appointment booked, do not expect anything ‘extra’ before, during or after appointment time. I will only work with what has been prearranged.

Client Presentation

Hygiene  for in-person appointments – If you have not showered or brushed your teeth within 4 hours of your booked appointment, do so before session begins.

Online :

For online sessions make sure your browser, Skype application and other systems are up to date, using a strong data connection, and are situated in a quiet area without distractions or CHILDREN around.

VERY IMPORTANT DURING ONLINE/PHONE SESSIONS – Screen sharing, screen scraping, recording or broadcasting , rebroadcast, relaying , or streaming any session are not allowed under any circumstances as this session is between me and you due to the strong adult subject matter. I will not be held legally responsible if you allow any portion of the screen or audio during our sessions past, present and future to be exposed to people who have no consent to view it , including children.

Violations of these rules in terms of boundary violation, attempt to breach established boundaries by intimidation, coercion, threats actual or implied; theft, misinterpretation, release of this information without my consent will result in a permanent block / ban / blacklist of your phone number, email address, clients Skype name , etc from scheduling future appointments of any kind or future contact.

Booking Appointments

Remember,  this site  and my services provides no refunds or cancellations based on the noted PAYMENT , BOOKING AND CANCELLATION POLICY so be sure to read EVERYTHING and complete the client profile first, prior to booking and paying for an appointment.

Please register for ease of future appointment booking.

All of your information provided will not be released, shared, sold or given away to anyone; I hate spam and scams, too.

If the client circumvents the questionnaire link and verification process instructions sent to their email in the attempt to make an appointment by paying any deposit amount through the scheduling portal, the client’s funds will be held until the verification process is complete and we received the completed client questionnaire.

If the client submits the questionnaire AND passes the verification, then the selected appointment will be honored as scheduled.

IF THE CLIENT FAILS VERIFICATION even when we received the client questionnaire is completed, THEN ALL FUNDS ARE FORTIFIED, no appointment will be scheduled.  The Client is banned forever from receiving any services from, no contact permitted via her site, emails, phone number, 3rd party contacts, social media platforms or any type of contact proxies.


The client is encouraged to register for an account at for future ease of use.


For those new to the game or not, please familiarize yourself with the safety information below:

SSC, RACK, CCC & PRICK, all are BDSM terms that some use as guidelines, some consider them rituals and for some (extremists) they are their creeds. Some use them for emotional security and use them as guide for to prohibit them from having any unwanted results. All of them are technically same, in the sense that they want you to have the activities with Safety and True Consent of both the partners. However, each one of them have little more focus on one thing than the other. That is why different people name their activities/relationships differently.


SSC – Safe, Sane, & Consensual:

It is held with the focus on the Sanity for safety and consent of the bottom. Although considered best among all, the top has many limits, as he/she is abide to the consent of the partner, and should not do anything that can risk the safety of the partner, even if that is being desired. This limitation is something that is ‘Undesired’ by many, as they want better Power Exchange between them, with more power for the Top.

RACK – Risk Aware Consensual Kink:

This is technically a replacement of SSC, and allows the activities that are prohibited by SSC (for being Unsafe with respect to Sanity). The basic concept is that, as far as the practitioners are aware of the ‘Risks’ involved; they should go for the activities. However, ‘True Consent’ is the major requirement. This one can allow more set of activities, but psychologically in this one, ‘Bottom’ has more power, as the activities are solely based on the bottom’s needs. It was made based on the aspect that most of the activities in Kink cannot be 100% ‘Safe’, and we have to take some risks. So the focus here is on ‘Risk Awareness’, and not on the ‘Safety based on Sanity’. More and more practitioners have started to call their themselves RACK instead of SSC. However, outside the BDSM community, SSC is the most popular one to define the ideology of kinksters.

PRICK – Personal-Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink:

Somewhat new and unpopular term, PRICK is an extension of RACK, which only adds a single clause to Rack (while keeping everything else same) that both the partners are responsible for their own actions. This is more like risk transfer from Top to Bottom, which suggests mainly that when a ‘Bottom’ has consent and agrees for an activity, he/she is responsible for the activity, and not the Top (who is actually the practitioner of the activity). In this term, Bottom has more Power than Top, as compare to RACK. Although much similar to RACK, the satisfaction in the mind of TOP allows better activities due to lesser rick involved for herself/himself. For many, the usage of PRICK does not make sense, also because of the literal meaning of ‘Prick’.

CCC – Committed Compassionate Consensual:

Very recently introduced term, CCC has also become popular in some small groups of BDSM. What all the other three BDSM guidelines lack, CCC has, but obviously for lesser security for the bottom. CCC is technically the maximum power exchange from Bottom to Top, and is more appropriate for TPE (Total Power Exchange) or 24/7 relationships, rather than the session activities with professionals or short-term groups/couples. In this, instead of Bottom’s desires and required activities, only ‘Unwanted’ and ‘Undesired’ activities are defined. In other sense, only ‘Hard Limits’ are disclosed. Then Top chooses/decides all the activities – when and what, himself/herself. Even ‘Safewords’ are not permitted. This true power exchange is desired by many, but the risks involved in this are very high. However, some ‘Open Discussions’ can be conducted for the changes in ‘Hard Limits’ so that it remains in the boundaries of consensuality, which is the base of BDSM. CCC sounds easy and satisfactory for most, but very few people can actually go for it. As soon as they realize the Risks associated, and the difficulties of handling the situations properly, they quickly revert to any of the three other concepts and adopt them appropriately.

Notice that not all the practitioners know about all these terms and not all of them consider them following these guidelines. Some avoid them and some even use different terminologies. However, all of them follow the concepts of Consent, and with a clear watch, most of them are following any one of these rituals. It is also important to notice that these guidelines have no status in any of the legal systems.


The usage of these terms have always been a matter of debate. For some, these are just other methods of labeling the relationships and should be avoided. This should be noticed that we do not need any orthodoxy and naming ourselves, which means we would be splitting ourselves in smaller groups.