Address me only as MsMarsha verbally and in print, (not Mistress, or any combination). Respect all of my boundaries set on this site and verbally at all times.

How to be a Good Client

Do No Harm,  align and play by the Universal Law of Non-Aggression and Positive Human Interaction.

No sexual intercourse, not even implied

Requests/demands/obligations from the client to induce me to provide BSDM services will be ignored, to push it further ends your time with me,no refunds or charge backs.

If you are coming down with a cold, or actively not feeling well, stay home, get well and reschedule within 2 hrs. Appointments scheduled less than 2hrs prior to appointment will not be refunded

You stay clothed – street clothing only

Impeccable hygiene still required.

I only touch you, but you cannot touch me

State your clearest intention of the outcome you desire
for that day for us to work on together prior to your appointment.

Come focused to learn and be engaging.

Warning –blatant inattention to, disregard for, challenges to, invalidating of and pushing my boundaries may result in a block, ban and being added to my blacklist.