Ask MsMarsha…

Some things you’d like to know about MsMarsha…

What’s in it for me?
To treat you as a decent human being, honoring my personal integrity as a decent human being. Get used to it, the world needs it.

Where are your full body pics?
In the Photo Gallery, but not in the way you expect.

Why can’t you just pick up the phone whenever I call/text/email you?
I have email address and a website, utilize those sources. Please write a full 60 word paragraph stating your intention for meeting me and the outcome you are looking for based on what I currently offer. Messages less than this will be deleted. You express yourself as an adult at work, you can do it here, too.

Where is your Photo Gallery?
Click on the link when you land on the home page

How do I contact you?

[email protected]
Anything Else I Can Do to Show my appreciation?
Yes. After I’ve effectively demonstrated the level of assistance provided to you and it made a positive lasting impact, express it here: