MsMarsha’s FAQs

What’s in it for me?
Of course, that is fair to ask as you wish to be a Prospective Client. It is normal for all humans to think this way; you will be treated with the utmost care, respect, dignity, integrity based on SSAC, RISK, PRICK frameworks* as well as my personal integrity as a decent human being.

Where are your full body pics?
Good question! These are in the works. I am a rubenseque woman in body and I want to make sure you get the best images of me possible curves and all – since I cannot just slap on any ‘ol pic here and expect you to put up with it, that would not be nice, now would it?

Why can’t you just pick up the phone whenever I call/text/email you?

The Long Answer:
·        I’m either working with a client ,
·        working on a muggle job,
·        sitting on the toilet,
·        situated in a place where I can’t really talk, such as in public… around children,
·        in the grocery store –another place  where children might be,
·        or somewhere an adult will turn red from overhearing me talk to someone who
wants to be sissified; they didn’t consent to hearing that in public.

…You get the idea, now?

The short answer:  I am the Mistress of managing my own time, and you are not.
Where is your Photo Gallery?
Another good question! My, you all are doing well — I am so PROUD of you! The same answer applies as the previous question given.

How do I contact you?

NiteFlirt – 2 listings for your pleasure for phone, mail, chat and
  Are You Hot Yet? You Wanna Talk Sexy?
  Are You Ready to Play With The Mistress?  
@$3.99/min for phone $.69/volley on texting.

Streamate –  Cam and chat  $2.99/min Premium  Exclusive $2.74/min

JustForFans  at 480-571-7266  USA only
Anything Else I Can Do to Serve You?
Yes, feel free to be a pay pig to me and pay homage via to send gifts, purchase other product and give Tributes, just because:

Linkt.ree :

* See Protocol Link